Faire ma p'Art (make my p'Art) was created to finance the action of charitable associations and especially those intervening after people living on the street or in situations of great precariousness.


For now, we offer two solutions to artists who want to help us :


1 - Participate in our collection of cards. To do this, nothing simpler ! Just allow us to use the visual of one of your works or, if you prefer, to create an original visual, so that we publish cards in series ultra limited of 10 copies.


2 - Enrich our gallery by offering us a work.


It is of course possible to participate in the collection of cards and the gallery.


All profits from our sales are donated to associations, we do not charge any commission !


This initiative was launched in December 2017 and our sales have already made it possible to donate € 1,200 to the association ActionFroid, which works with homeless people throughout France.


In April 2018, we set up our own action by creating the association Les Mains tendues (Hands outstretched). We maraud every tuesday night in the streets of Orleans. The financing of Faire ma p'Art allowed to buy equipment (thermos, disposable crockery ...) and also allows to buy products that people do not give us, especially meat to make the dishes that we distribute.


We sell mainly on this site but also during various events on which we are invited. In 2018 and 2019, we participated in the Orleans Street Art  Festival, in the Orléans Street Basketball Open, in an auction organized by "Moussaka Production" in favor of the association "Le rire Médecin" for for hospitalized children, and in a solidarity exhibition for female cancer.

We organized the exhibition "All you need is Street-Art" at the Empreinte Galerie in Orléans as part of the 2019 Loire Festival.


We also organized the performance of the play "Lettres sans-Abris" (Homeless Letters) written by Achile Jourdain and we we funded the publication of the eponymous book.


In 2020, like everyone else, we were the collateral victims of the health situation.

In 2021, We organized the exhibition "Cartons" at the Empreinte Galerie in Orléans as part of the 2022 Loire and participated in the first edition of Orléans Beer Festival organized by the Lions Club University Orléans and the Leo Club Cénébum du lys

We also organized the first edition of the "Aux Arts! Citoyen!" auction and collected more than €26,000 for the association Les Mains Tendues.

In 2022, we participated in ROADS - Urban Festival in Orléans and launched the second edition of the "Aux arts! Citoyens!" auction.


And we have a lots of projects, like "Aux arts ! Citoyens ! - The garden party", "RUR 2022" or Orléans Beer Festival 2022


Because Art has many facets, we remain open to all initiatives. Music, photography, circus ... everything is possible!

While you are street artist, painter, musician, juggler ... and you want to do your p'Art, do not hesitate and contact us !